Cambodia International Film Festival

UMUI “Guardians Of Traditions”

UMUI “Guardians Of Traditions” អ៊ូមូអ៊ិ  “អ្នកថែរក្សាប្រពៃណី” By Daniel López  Japan/2022/75 min   ដោយ ដាន្ញែល ឡូប៉េស  ជប៉ុន/២០២២/៧៥ នាទី Story Ginoza village on Okinawa island. A lion-dog watches over the village to protect the people and repel evil spirits.Through its wanderings in the middle of the pandemic, we meet inhabitants from different generations who try in their […]

Yes, I’m Lucky

Yes, I’m Lucky ចា៎, ខ្ញុំមានសំណាង By Maylis Dartigue France/2021/74 min   ដោយ ម៉េលីស ដាទីហ្គ បារាំង/២០២១/៧៤ នាទី Story Since reuniting with her biological family in Sri Lanka, Maylis Dartigue is creating her identity between her two countries, her two cultures. Through the tale of this initiatory journey, the filmmaker is realizing what her adoption story reveals […]

Down River Jordan

Down River Jordan ទន្លេក្រោមហ្ស៊កដានី By Addie Navarro USA/2022/60 min ដោយ អាឌី ណាវ៉ារ៉ូ សហរដ្ឋអាមេរិក/២០២២/៦០ នាទី Story The Jordan River has played a major role in shaping human society as we know it, providing freshwater and fertile soil for some of the earliest civilizations and witnessing the rise and fall of empires. For centuries, the lower Jordan […]

Mamody, The Last Baobab Digger

Mamody, The Last Baobab Digger អ្នកជីកដើមបៅបាប់ចុងក្រោយ By Cyrille Cornu France/2022/50 min ដោយ ស៊ីរ៉ាលល៍ ខនូ បារាំង/២០២២/៥០ នាទី   Story In the southwest of Madagascar, the Mahafaly plateau is an extremely arid land. Here, the rains fall only a few times a year. In these very difficult living conditions, the inhabitants of the small village of Ampotaka […]

Real Fur

Real Fur រោមសត្វ By Taimoor Choudhry Canada/2022/99 min ដោយ ថៃម៉ូរ៍ ឈូដរ៉ាយ កាណាដា/២០២២/៩៩ នាទី Story Real Fur is an eye-opening undercover investigation about the true cost of the fur farming industry in Canada. It follows the journey of director Taimoor Choudhry as he transforms from being an uninformed consumer to a passionate activist through interviews with […]

Sometimes, Even The Shore Drowns

Sometimes, Even The Shore Drowns ច្រាំងសមុទ្រក៏អាចលង់ទឹកបានដែរ By Mahera Omar Pakistan/2022/17 min ដោយ ម៉ាហេរ៉ា អូម៉ារ៍ប៉ាគីស្ថាន/២០២២/១៧ នាទី     Story Between the ebb and flow of tides, the city’s exposed shoreline is home to a fish that walks on land, the mud crab that clings tenaciously to mangrove tree trunks, the mighty periwinkle, the bubbler crab that […]

Lost Lands

Lost Lands ទឹកដីដែលបាត់បង់ទៅ By Andy Ball ដោយ អែនឌី បល Story Cambodia’s insatiable appetite for sand leaves two families left to bear the consequences in the wake of the country’s rapid development.   Director Biography – Andy Ball Andy is a photographer and filmmaker from the UK based in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. With a background in […]

Mekong 2030

Mekong 2030 មេគង្គ ២០៣០ By Kulikar Sotho, Anysay Keola, Sai New Kham, Anocha Suwichakornpong, and Pham Ngoc Lan Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, Thailand, Vietnam 2019, 94 min   ដោយ សុទ្ធោ គុល្លិការ, អានីសាយ កែវឡា, សៃ ញូ ខាម, អាណុឆា ស៊ូវីឆាកនពុង និង ផាម ង៉ុក ឡានកម្ពុជា, ឡាវ, មីយ៉ាន់ម៉ា, ថៃ, វៀតណាម/២០១៩/៩៤ នាទី Story MEKONG 2030 is an anthology film comprising five […]

Once Upon A River: Trouble On The Mekong

Once Upon A River: Trouble On The Mekong នៅទន្លេមួយ៖ បញ្ហានៅទន្លេមេគង្គ By Shehzad Hameed Ahmad Singapore/2021/48 min   ដោយ ស្យេហ្សាដ ហាមីដ អាមា សិង្ហបុរី/២០២១/៤៨ នាទី   Story The Mekong is known as the mother of all rivers. It feeds more than 80 million farmers and fishermen across its trans-national length. But tensions are rising with the construction […]

Visualizing The Mekong (Lower Mekong)

Visualizing The Mekong (Lower Mekong) មើលទន្លេមេគង្គ (មេគង្គក្រោម) Cambodia/2022/60 min កម្ពុជា/២០២២/៦០ នាទី Story A series of documentary films to understand and to show the lives, traditions, culture, as well as the environment along the Mekong River. Directed by «first-time» young Cambodian filmmakers.   CHAK KOMPONG by Som Rakliv    PILLARLESS HOUSE by Son Vannat    ON […]