Cambodia International Film Festival

Outgrow The System

Outgrow The System By Cecilia Paulsson, Anders Nilsson Sweden/2023/60 min Story “Change the system, not the climate” is a common demand in the climate movement. But what kind of system do we actually want? In the midst of humanity’s worst crisis, the pioneers stand ready. Meet the new economic perspectives that have the potential to […]

A World of 3 Zeros. Zero net carbon emissions. Zero poverty. Zero unemployment. A World of 3 Zeros. Zero net carbon emissions. Zero poverty. Zero unemployment. By Aine Clarke, Michel Van der Veken Belgium/2023/106 min  Story Poverty, unemployment, and carbon emissions are global problems. The documentary A World of 3 Zeros explores the ability of social entrepreneurship to address these problems and bring them to zero.Michel and […]

Rhino Man Rhino Man By John Jurko II, Matt Lindenberg, Daniel Roberts United States/2023/96 min Story RHINO MAN is the true story of the courageous field rangers who risk their lives every day to protect South Africa’s rhinos from being poached to extinction. We follow Anton Mzimba, the head ranger of the Timbavati, as he protects […]


Silvicola By Jean-Philippe Marquis Canada/2023/80 min Story Set amongst the rugged forests and shorelines of the British Columbia, Silvicola is a tableau of the complex web of cultural and economic forces which compel and constrain modern forestry practices. A story told through the eyes of an eclectic mix of characters whose lives and livelihoods are […]

The Parallel Currents The Parallel Currents by Pablo Chavanel France/2024/69 min Story The proliferation of hydroelectric dams on the Mekong River, designed to supply energy to neighboring megalopolises, is forcing Samnang, the leader of an indigenous community, to fight for his survival and that of nature. Meanwhile, in the Cambodian capital, Sothy, a painter and survivor of […]

Murdering the Mekong

Murdering the Mekong ការបំផ្លាញទន្លេមេគង្គ by Tom Fawthrop 2024/UK/25min   ដោយថម ហ្វូស្ត្រូប អង់គ្លេស/២០២៤/២៥នាទី Story This Mekong documentary looks at the importance of South- East Asia’s longest river and the critical role Cambodia plays as a global biodiversity hotspot along a 200 km stretch of the lower Mekong from the Lao border to the Cambodian town of […]

Lands Of The Lake

Lands Of The Lake by Christophe Gargiulo France/2006/48min Story This movie follows fish migration along the Mekong River down to the amazing fisheries of the Tonle Sap Lake. The influence of built structures on the water, on the environment, on fish and on people’s livelihoods is presented in particular through 3D animations. Chapters: Mekong fisheries; […]

Life Afloat

Life Afloat ជីវិតរសាត់អណ្ដែត by Peter Goetz Cambodia/2024/14 min ដោយ Peter Goetz កម្ពុជា/២០២៤/១៤នាទី Story Tonlé Sap Lake in Cambodia, fed by the Mekong River, sustains floating villages and provides 75% of Cambodia’s fish, crucial for 60% of the country’s protein intake. Threatened by pollution and climate change, efforts are underway among locals to address declining fish […]

Visualizing The Mekong (Upper Mekong)

Visualizing The Mekong (Upper Mekong) មើលទន្លេមេគង្គ (មេគង្គលើ) Cambodia/2022/60 min កម្ពុជា/២០២២/៦០ នាទី Story A series of documentary films to understand and to show the lives, traditions, culture, as well as the environment along the Mekong River. Directed by «first-time» young Cambodian filmmaker.    THE HEART OF RAMSAR by Veasna Oem, Vannat Son, Raksmey Kong    GREEN […]

Di Den The Messenger

Di Den The Messenger ឌី ដិន អ្នកនាំសារ by Catherine Louise de Viana Switzerland/2024/66 min   ដោយ Catherine Louise de Viana ស្វីស/២០២៤/៦៦ នាទី Story Di Den, the bee in Bambara. A little bee–nature’s storyteller… In Mali, she’s a healer, messenger, warrior & more. While the Malian bee is healthy, pesticides threaten. It’s vital to avoid mistakes […]