Cambodia International Film Festival

About Us

Cambodia International Film Festival is Cambodia’s largest international film and cultural event. Initiated in 2010, it acts as a catalyst for the film sector initiative gathering more than 20,000 participants each year.

It offers opportunities to both newcomers & established artists, a platform of civic participation to share about films and specific topics with a diversified audience.

Festival of Film and Collaboration

The festival provides visitors with a unique cultural experience. In addition to screenings and special events, CIFF also includes workshops that offer participants the chance to learn about filmmaking as well as networking sessions where they can collaborate with other creative professionals and make new acquaintances from around the globe.

Kingdom of Wonder

Travel to Cambodia and explore the fascinating corners of this Southeast Asian nation. With beautiful landscapes, breathtaking coastlines, and ancient temples that are awe-inspiring in their grandeur, Cambodia is a country filled with unique charms. Places worth visiting in Cambodia include ultra-modern Phnom Penh as well as Angkor Wat. It’s packed with incredible contrasts and has been the site for many films such as Tomb Raider, City of Ghosts, In the Mood for Love, and First They Killed My Father.

Audience Appeal

The Cambodia International Film Festival showcases a variety of cinemas from Cambodia, Asia and around the globe in order to excite and engage audiences. CIFF’s roles are to host regional filmmakers, encourage intercultural dialogue about social issues facing Cambodia today and highlight emerging cinema to younger audiences through innovative concepts that will enable them to learn about world cinema.

Connect, Collaborate and Promote your Films

The film festival is a good time to get up close and personal with the Cambodian film industry. You have the chance to discover new Cambodian talented actors as well as promote your film or project to a professional in the movie industry. The CIFF festival is a revered hub of connection, information, and resources for all those involved in the world of cinema. A platform which serves as a bridge between Asia and Europe, and an outlet that enables filmmakers from around the world to showcase their latest work.


The Cambodia International Film Festival envisions a transformative era for Cambodian society, where cinema transcends entertainment, becoming a powerful catalyst for positive change, education, and civic engagement to create a better future.

By celebrating and nurturing the talents of Cambodian artists and the broader film industry, we commit to bridging divides, enriching cultural dialogues, and building a more understanding and cohesive society.

Together, we embark on this cinematic journey to enlighten, inspire, and unite.
CIFF grew its impact and popularity steadily as to become Cambodia’s most expected international festival and cultural event, acting as a bridge between Cambodia and the world.