Cambodia International Film Festival

Chosen Chosen By Daniel David Newman Cambodia/2024/19 min Story When a young Khmer woman is sold as a concubine, she must survive the onslaught of her tyrannical King if she ever wishes to see her mother again.

Promised Promised By Christian Elliott United States/2023/23 min Story Promised” is a poignant drama designed to raise awareness about human trafficking through the story of Seila and Chantrea, two Cambodian girls ensnared in its brutal reality. The film navigates between their hopeful beginnings and the subsequent nightmare, focusing on Seila’s struggle as a pregnant teenager […]

The Door Knocker

The Door Knocker By Pilot Sok, Sana Oungty Cambodia/2023/4 min Story Rina is a woman who is leaving her hometown to study and work to support her family but unfortunately she got raped by her neighbor who is a drunken man, she still keeps in her mind and never tell someone about this. One day […]

Lost Innocence Lost Innocence By Christian ElliottUnited Kingdom/2023/23 min Story Lost Innocence” weaves a complex narrative set against the backdrop of Cambodia’s digital landscape, where Botum, a girl besieged by grief and poverty, falls prey to the insidious charms of Socheat, a cyber predator. Engulfed in a digital labyrinth of deceit and coercion, Botum’s fight for […]

Debt Diaries

Debt Diaries By Charles GarrettCambodia/2024/19 min Story A young lady struggles to solve her family’s debt problem and keep the family land bequeathed by her late grandfather.

Happy Ending

Happy Ending By Élodie YungUnited States/2023/16 min   Story A Cambodian woman, carrying a tragic secret, comes to America to work in an illicit massage parlor in hopes of making a better life for her family.