Cambodia International Film Festival

Don’t Follow My Path

Don’t Follow My Path កុំឲ្យដូចម៉ែ by Sopheavattey An Cambodia/2024/17 min   ដោយកញ្ញាអាន សុភាវត្តី កម្ពុជា/២០២៤/១៧នាទី Story Ms. Nai HOU is a Khmer Cake’s seller who is living at SenRekRey Community, Sangkat Khmounh, Khan SenSok. Her family used to live at “White Building” before 2001, but they needed to move since there was some development happening. For […]

Rice Barn

Rice Barn ស្រូវជង្រុក by Lysokun Mon Cambodia/2024/14 min   ដោយលោកម៉ុន លីសគុណ កម្ពុជា/២០២៤/១៤នាទី Story OENG Sony  from Kampong Thom Province is 63 years old. She sells vegatables everyday. As a widow she alone has to take care of her son, who he has a mental illness that cannot be treated. រឿង អ៊ឹង សូនី អាយុ៦៣ឆ្នាំ មកពីខេត្តកំពង់ធំ។ គាត់​លក់​បន្លែ​រាល់​ថ្ងៃ […]

Flower Honey

Flower Honey ទឹកឃ្មុំផ្កាគ by Phim Sev Cambodia/2024/13 min   ដោយលោកសេវ ភឹម កម្ពុជា/២០២៤/១៣នាទី Story Chen Putrea is 31 years old. She is a single mother who doesn’t let her destiny define her. She runs a honey flower business by her own to support her children that live and study in the province. រឿង ចិន ពុទ្ទ្រា អាយុ […]

Food On The Boat

Food On The Boat តូបនៅលើទឹក by Sela Meas Cambodia/2024/15 min   ដោយលោកមាស សិលា កម្ពុជា/២០២៤/១៥នាទី Story The film talks about the daily life of a family that depends on selling food on a boat at Ken Svay.  They face a lot of problems and share it through this documentary. រឿង ភាពយន្ត​នេះ​និយាយ​ពី​ជីវភាព​ប្រចាំ​ថ្ងៃ​របស់​គ្រួសារ​មួយ​ដែល​ពឹង​លើ​ការ​លក់​ម្ហូប​អាហារ​នៅ​លើ​ទូក​នៅរមណីយដ្ឋាន​កៀន​ស្វាយ។ ពួកគេជួបរឿងជាច្រើន ហើយចែករំលែកវាតាមរយៈភាពយន្តឯកសារនេះ។

Traditional Khmer Cake

Traditional Khmer Cake នំមង្គល by Chamnan Phoeurn Cambodia/2024/13 min   ដោយលោកភឿន ចំណាន កម្ពុជា/២០២៤/១៣នាទី Story Ms. Yin KIN is from Kien Svay Commune, Kandal Province and 82 years-old. She bakes traditional cakes to sell every day with her daughter. Before the Khmer Rouge regime, she was a Khmer classical dancer in her community. រឿង គិន យិន […]

Drop By Drop

Drop By Drop តក់ៗពេញបំពង់ by Dam Thai Cambodia/2024/12 min   ដោយលោកថៃ ដាំ កម្ពុជា/២០២៤/១២នាទី Story Yon Sokhon from Kandal Province is 53 years old. He is an ice-cream vendor and has been doing this job for four years now. Every day, he is striving to support his family back in town. រឿង យ៉ុន សុខុន អាយុ ៥៣ […]

Banana Grill

Banana Grill ប៉ាប៉ា ចេកអាំង by Sotonta Singha Cambodia/2024/15 min   ដោយលោកសិង្ហ សុទន្ត កម្ពុជា/២០២៤/១៥នាទី Story Mr. Sry ENG is a banana grill vendor located in Cambodia. He was an immigrant in Thailand for years. After facing hardship and work exploitation there, he moved back to his homeland with his family to start a new life by […]

Voice Actor

Voice Actor សម្លេងក្រៅឆាក by Lis Lann Cambodia/2024/27 min   ដោយលោកឡាន់ លីស កម្ពុជា/២០២៤/២៧នាទី Story Mao Sarin from Kampong Cham Province is 90 years old. He is a former voice actor and was in this industry from the 60s till the 90s. He also received an honorary award from his majesty Norodom Sihanouk. Nowadays, he has retired […]

Khmer Mat

Khmer Mat កន្ទេលចាស់ by Thy Rath Cambodia/2024/18 min   ដោយលោករ៉ាត់ ទី កម្ពុជា/២០២៤/១៨នាទី Story Mrs. Sokmon PHAN is a mat weaver who lives in Kandal Province. She is an experienced mat weaver, who started at a young age. PHAN gained her weaving knowledge from her mother. Nowadays, in her community, there are only a few people […]

Alive Stone

Alive Stone ថ្មរស់ by Pulla Peat Cambodia/2024/16 min   ដោយលោកពៀត ផល្លា កម្ពុជា/២០២៤/១៥នាទី Story Mr. Socheat CHEA is a Conservation Office Manager at the National Museum of Cambodia.  He was born in Roka Kaorng Commune, Muk Kampoul District, Kandal Province.  He has been working in the National Museum since 2004 until now and is responsible for […]