Cambodia International Film Festival



by Biv Chhay Leang



When Chankreufa was five years old, bandits in the forest killed her family, leaving only her grandmother alive. Together, they sought refuge in a cave inhabited by evil dragons who kidnapped Chankreufa. Surprisingly, the dragons raised her as their own daughter. As she grew older, Chankreufa yearned to reunite with her grandmother. Her adoptive dragon mother, recognizing her longing, allowed her to return.

Back with her grandmother, Chankreufa eventually married Arun, the village chief’s nephew. Their happiness was short-lived when a mysterious new woman, Sovan Moly, arrived. Sovan Moly, a human incarnation of an evil dragon, used her magic to enchant Arun, driving a wedge between him and Chankreufa. Under Sovan Moly’s manipulative influence, Arun fell for her, leading to his and Chankreufa’s divorce. Furthermore, Sovan Moly cast spells that misled the villagers into believing Chankreufa was a witch, complicating her life further and deepening the village’s mistrust.