Cambodia International Film Festival

Afghan Dreamers

Afghan Dreamers សុបិនអ្នកអាហ្វហ្គានីស្ថាន By David Greenwald USA/2022/72 min   ដោយ ដេវីដ ហ្គ្រីនវ៉លដ៍សហរដ្ឋអាមេរិក/២០២២/៧២ នាទី Story Members of the all-girl robotics team from Afghanistan struggle to succeed in international competitions while combating their male-dominated culture and the threat of Taliban rule. រឿង ក្រុមផលិតមនុស្សយន្តមកពីអាហ្វហ្គានីស្ថានដែលមានសមាជិកសុទ្ធតែស្រ្តី ប្រឹងជម្នះឧបសគ្គដើម្បីទទួលបានជោគជ័យក្នុងការប្រកួតមនុស្សយន្តអន្តរជាតិ ស្របពេលដែលពួកនាងត្រូវតស៊ូប្រឆាំងនឹងវប្បធម៌បុរសនិយម និងការគំរាមកំហែងពីរបបគ្រប់គ្រងរបស់ពួកតាលីបង់។ Wednesday 31st: 6 PM at Legend Premium Olympia Hall 2

Baby Queen

Baby Queen ព្រះនាងតូច By Yuan Bin Lei Singapore/2022/61 min   ដោយ យ័ន ប៊ីន ឡី សិង្ហបុរី/២០២២/៦១ នាទី Story Baby Queen illuminates the struggles and joys of becoming who you want to be, and what it means to carve out a safe space in a society that is at times cruel to those who are different. Candid […]

Big Little Women

Big Little Women ស្ត្រីតូចដ៏អស្ចារ្យ By Nadia Fares Egypt/2022/86 min   ដោយ ណាឌៀ ហ្វារ៉េស  អេហ្សុីប/២០២២/៨៦ នាទី Story Three generations of women rebel against patriarchal prohibitions. In this cinematic letter, Swiss-Egyptian film director Nadia Fares pays tribute to her father as she recounts 75 years of women’s struggles both in Egypt, her father’s country, and in Switzerland, […]

Ladies Only

Ladies Only មានតែស្រ្តីប៉ុណ្ណោះ By Rebana Liz John India/2021/80 min   ដោយ រ៉េបាណា លីស ចន ឥណ្ឌា/២០២១/៨០ នាទី Story “What makes you angry?” asks the filmmaker. A small film crew enters the ladies compartments of the local trains in Mumbai. Chance encounters and acquaintances are invited to reveal their opinions, their confessions and their stories in a […]

Malek’s Girls

Malek’s Girls ស្រ្តីរបស់ម៉ាលែក By Ahmad Khodadi Iran/2022/28 min   ដោយ អាម៉ាដ ខូដាឌី អុីរ៉ង់/២០២២/២៨ នាទី     Story Malek is the coach of a women futsal team in a small city in Iran. Although they are part of the professional league, this team is struggling with financial problems. She is determined to do it at any […]

Sew To Say

Sew To Say រួមគ្នានិយាយ Directed by Rakel Aguirre United Kingdom/2022/69 min   ដោយ រ៉ាគែល អាគីរ៉េ អង់គ្លេស/២០២២/៦៩ នាទី Story Thalia is an artist and banner maker who, in the early 80s, joined a women-only peace camp to stand against nuclear weapons through nonviolent action. 41 years ago, in the summer of 1981, a group of 36 […]


Telos តេឡូស By Atsuhiko Watanabe France/2022/15 min   ដោយ អាតស៊ូហ៊ីកូ វ៉ាតាណាប៊ី បារាំង/២០២២/១៥ នាទី Story A woman wanders like a sleepwalker in the ruins of a city. She is frightened as if being tormented by nightmares. However, she dances as if in a trance of a sweet memory. Then she whispers to the void, as if […]

Temporary Contemporary

Temporary Contemporary សហសម័យបណ្តោះអាសន្ន By Oliver David Brand Switzerland/2022/14 min   ដោយ អូលីវើ ដេវីដ ប្រេន ស្វីស/២០២២/១៤ នាទី Story Nothing is for eternity. Not even places that seem to outlast time. Temporary Contemporary is a moving testimony to the ephemeral nature of places that are in precisely that state only on the day the film is shot. […]

The Catch

The Catch រដូវនេសាទ By Che-chia Hsu Taiwan/2020/55 min   ដោយ ជេ ជឿ ស្យូ តៃវ៉ាន់/២០២០/៥៥ នាទី Story Each year, between November and the following February, a group of Indigenous Taiwanese migrant workers sets up camp near Lanyang River on the northeastern coast of Taiwan. They travel from afar to this spot in hopes of catching that […]

Trillionth I: Transmission

Trillionth I: Transmission ខ្ញុំទ្រីលានដង៖ ការផ្ទេរបន្ត By Peter Chin Canada/2022/39 min   ដោយ ភីធើ ជីន កាណាដា/២០២២/៣៩ នាទី Story A Cambodian-Canadian International dance film shot in Cambodia, Canada, Mexico, Italy and Indonesia. រឿង ខ្សែភាពយន្ដកម្ពុជា-កាណាដាលំដាប់អន្តរជាតិមួយនេះ និយាយអំពីរបាំដែលថតនៅប្រទេសកម្ពុជា កាណាដា មិកស៊ីកូ អ៊ីតាលី និងឥណ្ឌូនេស៊ី។ This film will be screened with “Telos” and “Temporary Contemporary”(total length: 68 min) Saturday 3rd: 2:30 PM at […]