Cambodia International Film Festival

The Light Of Women The Light Of Women by Elise Darblay, Antoine Depeyre France/2023/76 min Story In the Peul Kingdom of Fouta-Toro, on the border between Senegal and Mauritania, isolated villages subsist without electricity and totally off-grid. Néné, in her fifties, lives in one of these remote villages. At the market, she hears about an NGO that trains […]

A Tale Of The Final Year

A Tale Of The Final Year by Mehdi Jabinshenas Iran/2023/48 min Story It’s my mother’s last year as an elementary school teacher. Classes have moved online due to the pandemic. Her students used to always be top performers, but they’re now falling behind because she can’t see them face to face. The principal and the […]


Mário by Billy Woodberry Portugal/2024/120 min Story Mário tells the story of Mário de Andrade (1928 — 1990) pan-African intellectual, activist, diplomat and poet who fought all his life for the building of African nations with the fierce conviction that independence from colonialism was the beginning and not the end of the struggle. From Paris where he […]

Her Scents Of Pu Er

Her Scents Of Pu Er by Anna-Claria Ostasenko Bogdanoff France/2022/17 min Story Master Tseng, the first woman tea master in China’s history, takes us on a sensorial journey steeped in history. We travel though her delicate and timeless world as she unveils the secrets of Pu Er tea. Friday 28th: 3:15 pm at Rosewood Hotel […]


Chin-Liu-Tao by Asio Liu Chihsiung Taiwan/2023/8 min Story “The refugee camps will be demolished next month. Have you ever been there?” The film title “Chin-Liu-Tao”(金六刀)suggests “somewhere unknown in Indochina.” Three dreams appeared in foreign places, unveiling the unknown past of two Indochinese refugee camps (1977~1988) in the Taiwan Strait. In the dreams, people with umbrellas […]


Filho by Tomas Ponsteen Netherlands/2022/23 min Story Filmmaker Tomas Ponsteen was adopted from Brazil and does not feel the need to search for his biological mother. Since revelations about adoption abuses, he wonders to what extent his choice to not search is without obligation. Friday 28th: 3:15 pm at Rosewood Hotel Sunday 30th: 2:00 pm […]

Disentangling from the Collective Transgenerational Spiral: From Inner Conflict to Self-acceptance

Disentangling from the Collective Transgenerational Spiral From Inner Conflict to Self-acceptance by Sophie G. S. Dubois United Kingdom/2023/10 min Story This embodied piece captures both myDMP journey and research process. Thiscourse blew up my worldview. It brought tolight the unconscious biases I inherited, forged by the Colonial, Eurocentric, White,and Patriarchal institutions.My poem ‘Resist (NOT)’ encapsulates […]

Not So Green Pastures

Not So Green Pastures by Udan Fernando Dili, Colombo & Singapore/2023/59min Story Crossing Oceans :  Sri Lanka to Timor Leste. Four Sri Lankan men seek new beginnings in Timor-Leste, a country shadowed by conflict and colonialism. Nearly twenty years later, they reflect on their challenging journeys, highlighting camaraderie, tensions, and the struggles of adapting to […]

Unheard: Defend Masafer Yatta Unheard: Defend Masafer Yatta by Sunmok Kwon Korea/2023/40min Story What is happening in Southern Hebron Hills, Palestine? And what does a construction company such as ‘HD Hyundai’ have to do with it? UNHEARD: Defend Masafer Yatta will answer these questions as BDS Korea members and a filmmaker visit Palestine to find out. Unprecedented (unheard […]

The Poem We Sang

The Poem We Sang by Annie Sakkab State of Palestine/2024/21 min Story The Poem We Sang is a 20-minute, colour and black and white, experimental documentary that meditates on love and longing – the love of one’s family and the longing for one’s home, contemplated through overcoming the trauma of loss of family home and […]