Cambodia International Film Festival

Wake in Fright

Wake in Fright RATING PG 13+ Duration : 109 Minutes Genre : Horror Director : Ted Kotcheff Production : Australia/USA 1971 Story An outback school teacher becomes stranded in a remote town in this Australian social horror movie masterpiece. John Grant arrives in Bundayabba for one night before flying to Sydney to see his girlfriend. […]

The Sapphires

The Sapphires RATING PG 13+ Duration : 103 Minutes Genre : Musical Director : Wayne Blair Production : Australia 2012 Story In 1968 four talent young Australian Aboriginal singers form all-girl group, The Sapphires and travel to Vietnam to entertain U.S. troops. The band is dynamite as the country girls who find themselves on the […]

The Big Steal

The Big Steal RATING PG 13+ Duration : 99 Minutes Genre : Romance Director : Nadia Tass Production : Australia 1990 Story When 18-year-old Danny Clark asks a beautiful girl out on a date, he tells her he owns a Jaguar car, a car he certainly doesn’t have, and a car he feels he now […]

The Back of Beyond

The Back of Beyond RATING PG 13+ Duration : 66 Minutes Genre : Restored Director : John Heyer Production : Australia 1954 Story This legendary documentary follows Royal Mail driver Tom Kruse delivering letters and supplies to people living along the 517 kilometer Birdsville Track in Central Australia. Tom’s journey brings him into contact with […]

The Babadook

The Babadook RATING PG 13+ Duration : 94 Minutes Genre : Horror Director : Jennifer Kent Production : Australia Story A single mother is plagued by the violent death of her husband and battles with her son’s night time fear of a shadowy monster. But soon, the story shifts from one of a mother driven […]

The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert

The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert RATING PG 13+ Duration : 104 Minutes Genre : Adventure, LGBTQI+ Director : Stephan Elliott Production : Australia 1994 Story One of the most famous and beloved Australian films of all time. Priscilla is a bus carrying two drag queens and a transgender woman on a tour […]

Strictly Ballroom

Strictly Ballroom RATING PG 13+ Duration : 94 Minutes Genre : Romance Director : Baz Luhrmann Production : Australia 1992 Story Scott is a rebel who wants to challenge the strict rules of ballroom dancing competitions. The film’s beautiful heart is Scott’s relationship with Fran, a shy girl who blossoms when she becomes his new […]

Storm Boy

Storm Boy RATING PG 13+ Duration : 88 Minutes Genre : Drama Director : Henri Safran Production : Australia 1976 Story Mike is a lonely young boy who lives with his reclusive father in an isolated house by the ocean. Mike’s search for friendship leads him to Fingerbone Bill, an outcast Aboriginal man played by […]

My Brilliant Career

My Brilliant Career RATING PG 13+ Duration : 100 Minutes Genre : Romance Director : Gillian Armstrong Production : Australia 1979 Story Late 19th century Australia. Sybylla Melvyn is a free-spirited young woman. Despite pressure to get married Sybylla is determined to forge a career as a writer. After being sent to live with her […]


Malcolm RATING PG 13+ Duration : 85 Minutes Genre : Comedy Director : Nadia Tass Production : Australia 1986 Story Malcolm is a painfully shy man and a mechanical genius who has just invented his own tram. When Malcolm loses his job and needs help to pay his bills he takes in Frank, a recently […]