Cambodia International Film Festival

Kolab Pailin

Kolab Pailin   By Colin Tie Cambodia/2024/26 min Story Kolab Pailin is considered one of the three classic novels of Khmer literature.The story centers on an orphan boy named “Chao Chet” whose late father upon death sent him to Cambodia’s northern province of Pailin to work at a diamond mine, there, amidst the rugged terrain […]

After The Flower Wilted After The Flower Wilted RATING 9 years or older By Colin Tie   Cambodia/2024/18 min Story Based on the novel ‘Wilted Flower’ by Nou Hach, the film unfolds a gripping tale of grieve and desperate hope. When Noun, the mother, breaks off her daughter’s engagement to a struggling suitor in favor of a wealthier […]

Teav’s Mother

Teav’s Mother RATING 6 years or older By Colin TieCambodia/2023/24 min Story This is a poignant adaptation of Cambodia’s beloved classic, “Tum Teav,” focusing on Teav’s mother as the central figure grappling with conflicting emotions. As Teav and Tum’s forbidden love unfolds, her struggle between her daughter’s happiness and societal norms forms the heart of […]