Cambodia International Film Festival


Uberfrog RATING PG Duration : 11:55 Minutes Genre : Adventure, Kids Subtitles: N/A Director : Tuomas Kurtakko Production : Finland 2020 Story When a chase for a delicious dragonfly goes awry, a frog finds himself on a journey towards higher levels of amphibian consciousness, ultimately leading him down the rabbit hole of facing his worst […]

The Tree Has Been Planted

The Tree Has Been Planted RATING PG Duration : 7 Minutes Genre : Kids Subtitles: N/A Director : Irene Blei Production : Argentina 2020 Story Planting a tree is a simple objective. Whoever complies with it will be able to see it grow, enjoy its perfume, and the song of the birds on it. Once […]

Scream For Ice

Scream for Ice RATING PG Duration : 4:02 Minutes Genre : Animation, Kids Subtitles: N/A Director : Emir Aytemür Production : Turkey 2021 Story Based on a  Haiku that states “The Sun shines, ice melts. A polar bear on its own. A child cries out ah!”. This animated short covers global warming and how it […]


Sama – Sama RATING PG Duration : 3 Minutes Genre : Animation, Kids Subtitles: N/A Director : Roman Marcus Abad Production : Philippines 2020 Story An animated story about a rabbit and a turtle’s journey to watch a hot air balloon festival. Will they make it in time or miss the festival? Saturday 2nd : […]


Piropiro RATING PG Duration : 9:30 Minutes Genre : Animation, Kids Subtitles: N/A Director : Miyoung Baek Production : Republic of Korea 2021 Story The bird, ‘Piropiro’,  is from the forest and ‘Dalle’ is from the flower shop in town. They accidentally meet in front of the flower shop and Piropiro wants to fly together […]

Odd One Out

Odd One Out RATING PG Duration : 6:55 Minutes Genre : Kids Subtitles: N/A Director : Andrew Robb Production : Australia 2020 Story Struggling to fit into a new community,  a lonely doll goes on a journey of self-discovery. Can they prove what they’re capable of to the community or will they forever be an […]


Nestling RATING PG Duration : 6:35 Minutes Genre : Animation, Kids Subtitles: N/A Director : Marat Valerievich Narimanov Production : Russian Federation 2020 Story The story of a friendship between a lonely old man and a helpless nestling, when they are confronted by a group of ignorant boys from the same neighborhood.  Stylized in the […]

Monkey Domnio

Monkey Domino RATING PG Duration : 4:07 Minutes Genre : Animation, Kids Subtitles: N/A Director : Ulf Grenzer Production : Germany 2021 Story An ape at the zoo reminisce about his life in the jungle. The encounter with a manager and his daughter changes his cage life forever. Saturday 2nd : 10 AM at Rosewood […]

Memories of My Grandmother

Memories of My Grandmother RATING PG Duration : 5:13 Minutes Genre : Animation, Kids Subtitles: N/A Director : Savithri M Production : India 2020 Story “Memories of my Grandmother” is an ode to childhood memories of summers spent at home with grandparents and cousins. It is a tribute to walks amidst trees, fields and small […]

Just For The Record

Just For The Record RATING PG Duration : 7:01 Minutes Genre : Animation, Kids, Sci-fi Subtitles: N/A Director : Vojin Vasovic Production : Serbia 2020 Story In an abandoned attic, a dictaphone robot REC desperately tries to connect to thе bird that stops on its window. Using his play button to say something, he finds […]