Cambodia International Film Festival

Forever Remembered in the City of Ghosts

Matt Dillon and Kem Sereyvuth in ‘City of Ghosts’ (From Matt Dillon’s Private Collection ) After a long-awaited return, Matt Dillon, Jim Denault, and John Pirozzi came back to Cambodia for the highly anticipated theatrical screening of “City of Ghosts.” Fondly reminiscing about his first visit to the Kingdom in 1992, the Hollywood actor and […]

From Faded Reels to the Cinematic Hall of Fame

Cambodia has an extensive history with cinema, having reached a “Golden Age of Film” in the 1960s, but has been almost unrecognised due to political struggles and wars. In response to this, a new generation of filmmakers began working with limited resources to produce and film local films, without knowing their history. As part of […]