Cambodia International Film Festival

The Magic of Australian Cinema: The Last Wave and Beyond

Australian film critic Richard Kuipers, known for his work at Variety and as a programmer for the Freak Me Out section at the Sydney Film Festival, has returned to CIFF to introduce a lineup of captivating Australian films for 2023. One of the featured films at the festival is “The Last Wave,” a remarkable Australian […]

CIFF Sprouts First Panel on Acting in Cambodia

In a panel discussion about “The Art of Acting,” CIFF and The Acting Academy invited notable figures from the new generation of Cambodian cinema, including actors, directors, and casting directors, to discuss tools and strategies for helping fictional cinema grow by relying on a new actor/director relationship. The panel took place on March 31st at […]

Premiere of “Princess Buppha Devi: The First Royal Apsara”

On April 1st, the documentary “Princess Buppha Devi: The First Royal Apsara” will premiere for the first time in Cambodia at the French Institute cinema. The film chronicles the life and devotion of Princess Norodom Buppha Devi to the Royal Ballet. The 52-minute film by director Christophe Gargiulo is set in an interview-style documentary. Gargiulo […]

Day One of CIFF “Sprouts”: Snake Girl Drops In

On March 26th, the 12th Cambodia International Film Festival(CIFF) began its mini-preview of the festival with CIFF “Sprouts” at Chaktomuk Hall, PhnomPenh. Over 600 people attended the opening gala, which screened the 86-minutedocumentary The Perfect Motion by French director Xavier Lauzanne. The film follows the creation of a show called Metamorphosis by the late Princess […]

From Faded Reels to the Cinematic Hall of Fame

Cambodia has an extensive history with cinema, having reached a “Golden Age of Film” in the 1960s, but has been almost unrecognised due to political struggles and wars. In response to this, a new generation of filmmakers began working with limited resources to produce and film local films, without knowing their history. As part of […]

Allison Chhorn: Exploring the Silence

Through her first exhibition for the Cambodia International Film Festival, House Shadows, Allison Chhorn presented a 10-work photo series as well as three short films screened at the festival, called ‘Blind Body,’ ‘Plastic House,’ and ‘Missing’. Her work explores the trauma, migration, displacement and cultural heritage she has observed with her parents and in her […]

The Mystery of “Angkor: The Lost Empire of Cambodia” Answered

The 11th edition of the Cambodia International Film Festival has over 140 high-quality feature-length films, short films, documentaries and animations from over 40 countries, so choosing what to watch can be overwhelming. Any history buff, a fan of science, or anyone with an appreciation of Cambodia’s beautiful landscape, must see the film, Angkor: The Lost […]

“Life. Love. Bliss.” Thrills Audience

“Life. Love. Bliss.” This is the title of the new short film by director Ines Sothea in the “Cambodia in Shorts” program at the Cambodia International Film Festival (CIFF).  The 6-minute film left the audience eager for more during its premiere at CIFF on Thursday, highlighting Ines’ potential as a thriller director. Two voice actors […]