Cambodia International Film Festival

Walking With Giants

Walking With Giants RATING PG 13+ Duration : 16 Minutes Genre : Documentary Director : Joshua Masters Production : Cambodia 2020 Story Discover an eye-opening journey through the Cambodian jungle, where elephants such as Sambo face brutality and mistreatment from tourism. ការមើលឃើញដ៏ភ្ញាក់ផ្អើលមួយនៅក្នុងការធ្វើដំណើរក្នុងព្រៃនៃប្រទេសកម្ពុជា ដែលសត្វដំរីជាច្រើន ដូចជាសំបូរជាដើម ប្រឈមមុ​ខនឹង​ភាពហិង្សា និងការធ្វើបាប​ពីទេសចរណ៍។ Saturday 21st : 4:30 PM at Major Cineplex (AEON […]

The Last Breath of the Tonle Sap

The Last Breath of The Tonle Sap RATING PG 13+ Duration : 11 Minutes Genre : Documentary Language: Khmer w/Eng subtitiles Director : Thomas Cristofoletti, Robin Narciso Production : Cambodia/Italy 2022 Story The story of Piseth (Fisherman) and his family, who live on the edge of the Tonle Sap, a lake that was once considered […]

Sea Within A Sea

Sea Within A Sea RATING PG 13+ Duration : 24 Minutes Genre : Documentary Language: Kh/Eng Director : Danech San Production : Cambodia 2021 Story On Koh Sdach, a local diver examines coral reefs and seahorse populations while exploring the environmental impacts of his village’s commercial development and growing fishing industry. នៅតំបន់កោះស្ដេច អ្នកជ្រមុជទឹកម្នាក់ពិនិត្យមើលផ្កាថ្ម និងពពួកសត្វសេះសមុទ្រ ហើយស្វែងយល់ពីប៉ះពាល់ផ្នែកបរិស្ថានបង្កឡើងដោយការអភិវឌ្ឍពាណិជ្ជកម្ម […]

Humans and Elephants

Humans and Elephants RATING PG 13+ Duration : 20 Minutes Genre : Documentary Director : Alexander Leonard Production : Cambodia 2022 Story An eco-tourist realized his experiences visiting elephants in national parks have unintended consequences. អ្នកទេសចរណ៍ធម្មជាតិម្នាក់ដឹងថា បទពិសោធន៍របស់ខ្លួននៃការទស្សនាសត្វដំរីនៅឧទ្យានជាតិមានផលវិបាកឥតព្រាងទុកមួយ Wednesday 29th : 2 PM at Chaktomuk Friday 1st : 2 PM at Rosewood

From Wildlife Poacher to Forest Protector

From Wildlife Poacher to Forest Protector RATING PG 13+ Duration : 9 Minutes Genre : Documentary Director : Sophearoth Ravy & Hero Sor Production : Cambodia 2020 Story A former Khmer Rouge soldier, who used to poach wildlife, including tigers, quit this activity to become a forest ranger to protect the country’s essential wildlife for […]

Elephant Conservation in Cambodia

Elephant Conservation Cambdia RATING PG 13+ Duration : 90 Minutes Genre : Documentary, Environment DULL TRAIL by Raksa Khon, Peou Mono, Rickydavid Choey MEMORIES by Paov Theang, Sat Sreytoch, Sous Sonan MY HOME by Sopheana Choun, Choulay Mech, Pisen Chhen, Sochetra Mean, Sopheak Yam Production : Cambodia 2020 Story Three documentary films highlighting exemplary elephant […]

Cambodia Burning

Cambodia Burning RATING PG 13+ Duration : 6 Minutes Genre : Documentary, Short Director : Sean Gallagher Production : UK 2020 Story The film explores with intimate poetry the changes in the country’s landscapes, and the emotional impact it has on Cambodian people. ខ្សែភាពយន្តនេះស្វែងយល់អំពី​ការ​ប្រែប្រួល​នៃទេសភាពរបស់ប្រទេសកម្ពុជា និងផលប៉ះពាល់ផ្នែកមនោសញ្ចេតនា​ដែល​កើត​មាន​លើប្រជាជន​កម្ពុជា។ Thursday 30th : 10:30 AM at Chaktomuk Theater