Cambodia International Film Festival

The Pen

The Pen By Hemkiry SongCambodia/2022/6 min Story Nita bought a pen at a tiny local store near her school. Like any other pens, this was simply a tool for writing. With no complicated emotional attachment, she embarks on a journey to use the pen.

Love Without Standard

Love Without Standard By Sivthong Ung, Sophanith PhornCambodia/2023/7 min   Story Kanchana, a garment worker, plans to have her first date in the coming week, surrounded by the whitening cream makes her want to try it before the date.

Mrs. Thida

Mrs. Thida By Marc BaudinetCambodia/2024/23 min Story A young widowed woman decides to carry on running a shop on her own and not to remarry. However, resisting social social pressure isn’t easy…

Stand Up For Myself

Stand Up For Yourself By Peter ChanCambodia/2023/7 min Story Samnang, a child from a financially-disadvantaged family in a rural area, arrives in Phnom Penh city to pursue their bachelor’s degree. Living on his own in a tiny rental room, Samnang learns to juggle between his strained financial situation, family responsibilities, and his future while keeping […]

Sothea Meanop

Sothea Meanop By Vandy ChhimCambodia/2022/19 min   Story Sothea Meanop is a movie about a husband and a wife who are looking for a good way of living and trying to share good things with other people.

The Jar The Jar By Via Nuon Cambodia/2023/15 min Story In a remote village, a Father sends his children out to forage for bamboo shoots in the morning during which his son discovers a mysterious object that will alter the course of his life. Based on an uncle’s memory of an event that occurred in the […]