Cambodia International Film Festival

Movie Premiere “Indigenous Voice + Discussion on Indigenous People” by Bophana Center June 29

Movie Premiere + Panel Dicussion

Cambodian territory is home to 24 ethnicities which represent 3 percent of the population living on an estimated 25 percent of the territory, mainly forested plateaux. Often living in remote areas, their daily lives and ancestral culture are little known. Tampuan, Brao, Jarai, this series focuses on understanding these tribe’s bond with natural environment in their daily lives: TASTY DROPS by Ramich Moeun (25min) / ANGEUS by Cham Ska (15min)/TRAPS by Pem Peak (13min)/SANOUNG by Nhoch Seeyean (15min)/ TRO KHLOK MAKER by Socheata Chen (14min)/ MY DAILY FOOD by Sol Ren(14min).

Wednesday June 29th at 10 AM -12 Noon at Chaktomuk Theater