Cambodia International Film Festival


by REMI M SALI Singapore/2018/109 min

Haqim’s life is at a standstill, having lost his girlfriend to his best friend. A chance meeting with the sensual Japanese girl Midori, returns his faith in love. Their growing passion takes on a darkness, when strange things happen to those close to him.


by GOH MING SIU Singapore/2019/96 min

50-year-old Jim loses his high-flying job in status-conscious Singapore, but his ego and pride make him hide this from his wife and daughter. The only person he can trust is his best friend. Desperately holding onto the material symbols of his past success, he unlocks a dark force, with evil roots in long-buried secrets.


by VIJAY JAYAPAL India/2019/95 min

The thrilling story of a boatman trying to escape his past, who becomes the caretaker of a Himalayan resort after an attempted suicide.