Cambodia International Film Festival

MEKONG, An Explorer’s Eye

MEKONG, An Explorer’s Eye ការស្វែងយល់ពីរចក្ខុវិស័យទន្លេមេគង្គ by Benoit Prabel France/2023/20 min   ដោយ ប៊េតវាស់ ប្រាប៊ែល ប្រទេសបារាំង/២០២៣/២០ នាទី Story In 2013, Rémi Camus embarked on his second expedition with the aim of understanding the way of life of populations living along the Mekong River. Having experienced water scarcity in Australia, Rémi would discover the abundance of water, […]

From Preah Rumkel with Love

From Preah Rumkel with Love មកពីព្រះរំកិលជាមួយសេចក្ដីស្រឡាញ់ by Natalie Ong, Kay Yeo, Hong Cheng Koh, Sotheareak Theang, Sophal Baun Singapore/2023/5 min   ដោយ Natalie Ong, Kay Yeo, Hong Cheng Koh, Sotheareak Theang, Sophal Baun សិង្ហបុរី/២០២៣/៥នាទី Story “From Preah Rumkel, with Love” is a 5-minute documentary crafted by three first-time filmmakers and Geography students from the National […]

A Silent Pool

A Silent Pool អន្លង់ស្ងប់ស្ងាត់ by Bunchhai Chhun Cambodia/2023/9 min   ដោយឈុន ប៊ុនឆៃ កម្ពុជា/២០២៣/៩នាទី Story Vanna is a boatman in the Preah Rumkel community-based eco-tourism where Irrawaddy Dolphins used to live in the Mekong River near his community. The story explores Vanna’s adaptability after the absence of Irrawaddy Dolphins in the community. រឿង វណ្ណាជាអ្នកបើកទូកនៅសហគមន៍អេកូទេសចរណ៍ព្រះរំកិល ដែលធ្លាប់ជាជម្រកសត្វផ្សោតអុីរ៉ាវ៉ាឌី ។ […]

Life Afloat

Life Afloat ជីវិតរសាត់អណ្ដែត by Peter Goetz Cambodia/2024/14 min ដោយ Peter Goetz កម្ពុជា/២០២៤/១៤នាទី Story Tonlé Sap Lake in Cambodia, fed by the Mekong River, sustains floating villages and provides 75% of Cambodia’s fish, crucial for 60% of the country’s protein intake. Threatened by pollution and climate change, efforts are underway among locals to address declining fish […]