Cambodia International Film Festival

Princess Champa Thong

Princess Champa Thong ព្រះនាងចំប៉ាថោង By Huoy Keng Cambodia/1969/94 min (Khmer version) ដោយ ហួយ គឹង កម្ពុជា/១៩៦៩/៩៤នាទី/ភាសាខ្មែរ   Story Princess Champa Thong is the daughter of the King of Vesali. She brings a crocodile to the Royal Palace, keeping it as a pet. But the crocodile is not like others: When it grows up, it gets bigger […]

The Crocodile Men

The Crocodile Men ក្រៃថោងក្រពើឆារ៉ាវ៉ាន់ By Huoy Keng Cambodia/1974/84 min (Khmer version with English and Chinese subtitle) ដោយ ហួយ គឹងកម្ពុជា/១៩៧៤/៨៤នាទី (ភាសាខ្មែរ និងមានអក្សរអង់គ្លេសរត់ពីក្រោម)   Story Kraithoang and Chharavan wish to learn magic and find a hermit who agrees to pass on his knowledge to them. Against the will of his master, Chharavan learns a magical formula from […]

The Snake Girl

The Snake Girl ធីតាសក់ពស់ By Huoy Keng Cambodia/1973/87 min (Khmer version with English subtitle) ដោយ ហួយ គឹង កម្ពុជា/១៩៧៣/៨៧នាទី (ភាសាខ្មែរ និងមានអក្សរអង់គ្លេសរត់ពីក្រោម)   Story Long falls in love with Onn Srey, a snake girl. Having lived in the cave since she was born, Onn Srey can only use body language for communication. Because of jealousy and ambition, […]

The Snake Girl Drops In

The Snake Girl Drops In ពស់កេងកងចូលក្រុង By Huoy Keng Taiwan/1974/90 min (French version with English subtitle) ដោយ ហួយ គឹង/១៩៧៤/៩០នាទី/ភាសាបារាំង និងមានអក្សរអង់គ្លេសរត់ពីក្រោម Story A mysterious and wild girl is captured in the jungle. When we realize that she has snakes instead of hair, she is mistaken for a demon. The cruel clan chief wants to subject her […]