Cambodia International Film Festival


Chankreufa ចន្ទគ្រឿហ្វា by Biv Chhay Leang Cambodia/1968/89min   ដោយប៊ីវ ឆៃលាង កម្ពុជា/១៩៦៨/៨៩នាទី/ភាសាខ្មែរ Story When Chankreufa was five years old, bandits in the forest killed her family, leaving only her grandmother alive. Together, they sought refuge in a cave inhabited by evil dragons who kidnapped Chankreufa. Surprisingly, the dragons raised her as their own daughter. As she […]


Rattanavong រតនាវង្ស by Biv Chhay Leang  Cambodia/1970/84min   ដោយប៊ីវ ឆៃលាង កម្ពុជា/១៩៧០/៨៤នាទី/ភាសាខ្មែរ Story This film narrates the adventurous tale of Prince Ratanavong, who embarked on a journey to study the arts under Grandpa Monisey, a hermit. During his studies, he met Princess Sokun Ros. Grandpa Monisey eventually presided over their marriage. However, as they were returning […]