Cambodia International Film Festival

Sikat Subar – A Hidden Colorful Feather Sikat Subar – A Hidden Colorful Feather សុីកាត-ស៊ូបារ – ជំនឿដ៏អាថ៌កំបាំង by Diogo Pessoa de Andrade Portugal/2023/95 min   ដោយ Diogo Pessoa de Andrade ព័រទុយហ្គាល់/២០២៣/៩៥ នាទី   Story Exploring the rooster’s role in Timorese culture delves into tradition, ethics, and societal impact, from independence struggles to modern dynamics like economy and gender roles, offering insight […]

The Parallel Currents The Parallel Currents ចរន្តទឹកស្រប by Pablo Chavanel France/2024/69 min   ដោយប៉ាប្លូ សាវាណែល បារាំង//២០២៤/៦៩នាទី Story The proliferation of hydroelectric dams on the Mekong River, designed to supply energy to neighboring megalopolises, is forcing Samnang, the leader of an indigenous community, to fight for his survival and that of nature. Meanwhile, in the Cambodian capital, Sothy, […]

Murdering the Mekong

Murdering the Mekong ការបំផ្លាញទន្លេមេគង្គ by Tom Fawthrop 2024/UK/25min   ដោយថម ហ្វូស្ត្រូប អង់គ្លេស/២០២៤/២៥នាទី Story This Mekong documentary looks at the importance of South- East Asia’s longest river and the critical role Cambodia plays as a global biodiversity hotspot along a 200 km stretch of the lower Mekong from the Lao border to the Cambodian town of […]

Lands Of The Lake

Lands Of The Lake ដីបឹង by Christophe Gargiulo France/2006/48 min   ដោយគ្រីស្តុហ្វ ហ្កាហ្គូឡូ បារាំង/២០០៦/៤៨នាទី Story This movie follows fish migration along the Mekong River down to the amazing fisheries of the Tonle Sap Lake. The influence of built structures on the water, on the environment, on fish and on people’s livelihoods is presented in particular […]