Cambodia International Film Festival

Presentation “Drone Filmmaking Fundamentals 101”

Discover the basics of drone filmmaking by Kimlong (KUDU) including input from Australian director Murray Pope, director of Angkor: The Lost Empire of Cambodia (2022). Learn about Drones Learn about the drone camera work and how you can get started in the drone business too! JUNE 30th – 12:30 (noon) @FRENCH INSTITUTE

Conversation « Making documentaries – Over 45 years of Experience

A discussion of documentary filmmaking by Australian veteran filmmaker James Gerrand and Cambodian filmmaker Neang Kavich takes place between the two filmmakers, during which the two share their experiences, successes, and failures. James Gerrand ជែម ជឺរ៉ាន់ Although Australian veteran filmmaker James Gerrand has produced over ten films in Cambodia until today, his early documentary films […]