Cambodia International Film Festival

Salty Blue

Salty Blue   by Masashi Sogawa Japan/2023/17 min Story Mitsuki secretly likes her friend Umi. At a party, they end up at a bathhouse where Umi talks about love, unaware of Mitsuki’s feelings. As autumn arrives, their friendship is tested by hidden emotions.

If If   by Tathagata Ghosh India/2023/26 min Story An arranged marriage tears a lesbian couple apart, but with a mother’s love, perhaps another future is possible.

The Reflection of the Cranes

The Reflection of the Cranes   by Juan Ballesteros Venezuela/2023/20 min Story Lucia, a middle-aged innkeeper, encounters Amelia, a young traveler exploring nearby waterfalls. Their instant connection is marred by insecurities and fears, but a game of reflexes brings them closer, revealing their vulnerabilities.


Lambing   by Katie McNeice Ireland/2022/18 min Story In Ireland, David faces childhood trauma as his baby is born intersex. Bullied by his father for being weak, he doubts his ability to be a good father. Unable to cope with the diagnosis of his baby, he mentally shuts down, leaving his wife to face medical […]