Cambodia International Film Festival

I am Kanaka I am Kanaka ខ្ញុំឈ្មោះកណ្ណិកា by Genevieve Subway United Kingdom/2022/15 min   ដោយហ្សឺណឺវឺយ៉ែវ សាប់វេយ៍ អង់គ្លេស/២០២២/១៥នាទី Story A local Hawaiian hero fights to save his culture by teaching traditions, sustainability and life skills to disadvantaged indigenous kids. រឿង វីរបុរសនៅកោះហាវ៉ៃម្នាក់ប្រឹងតស៊ូដើម្បីជួយសង្គ្រោះវប្បធម៌ជនជាតិរបស់គាត់ ដោយបង្រៀនក្មេងៗជនជាតិដើមអំពីប្រពៃណី និងបំណិនជីវិតផ្សេងៗ។

REMEMBER – Chapter 1 – The True People

REMEMBER – Chapter 1 – The True People ចងចាំ – ផ្នែកទី១ – ជនជាតិដើមសុទ្ធ by Iris Johner, Pehuen Grotti Mexico/2023/30 min   ដោយអ៊ីរីស ចនណឺ និងពេហឿន ក្រូទី ម៉ីកស៊ិច/២០២៣/៣០នាទី Story “To preserve nature means to preserve ourselves.” In March 2022, the two filmmakers backpacked their way to the last tropical rainforest in North America – South Chiapas, Mexico […]

The Journey: The Future of Kazakh Nomads

The Journey: The Future of Kazakh Nomads អនាគតរបស់ក្រុមពនេចរកាហ្សាក់ by Kazuya Isobe Japan/2023/13 min   ដោយកាហ្ស៊ូយ៉ា អ៊ីសូបេ ជប៉ុន/២០២៣/១៣នាទី Story Bayan-Ulgii. At the foot of the Mongolian Altai Mountains lies a region where Kazakh nomads live. While some families still continue their traditional nomadic lifestyle, others have migrated to the cities due to desertification. How do the […]

Entropy Entropy ដំណើរឆ្ពោះទៅការបាត់លំនឹង by Inuk Jørgensen Greenland/2024/10 min   ដោយអ៊ីនុក ហ្សកហ្សិនសិន ហ្គ្រីនឡែន/២០២៤/១០នាទី Story The vast Greenlandic ice sheet has been created over thousands of years but today climate change is threatening the close and sacred connection between the land moulded by ice and the Inuit who live there. Told from an Indigenous perspective the film […]

Indai Apai Darah (Mother, Father, Blood)

Indai Apai Darah (Mother, Father, Blood) ម្តាយ ឪពុក សាលោហិត   by Kynan Tegar Indonesia/2024/15 min ដោយគីណាន់ តែហ្កា ឥណ្ឌូនេស៊ី/២០២៤/១៥នាទី Story Throughout the island of Borneo, an explosion of palm oil plantations has led to mass deforestation and forced many Indigenous Peoples to allow logging of their sacred forests in exchange for immediate profits. However, in the […]