Cambodia International Film Festival

Sound Without Image

Sound Without Image សម្លេងគ្មានរូប   by Chankvey Tai Cambodia/2024/13min – Tampuon language/Eng sub) ដោយតៃ ចាន់ឃ្វី កម្ពុជា២០២៤/១៣នាទី/ភាសាទំពួន/អក្សរអង់គ្លេសរត់ពីក្រោម Story Art is an important part of the indigenous traditions and daily life of Tal Linn and his wife Hoeung Loeung. They both have been fascinated by musical instruments and dance music since they were young. Their idea is […]


Memory នៅតែចងចាំ   by Rady Chy, Cambodia/2024/13min – Jarai Language/Eng Sub ដោយជី រ៉ាឌី កម្ពុជា២០២៤/១៣នាទី/ភាសាចារាយ/អក្សរអង់គ្លេសរត់ពីក្រោម Story The war has left behind many landmines throughout Cambodia, including the northeastern region of Ratanakiri, which is rich in indigenous communities. Cham Mao, a 43-year-old widow, is a Jarai indigenous living in the Ten Ngol village, Yatung commune, O’Yadao district, […]


Family បន្ទុកគ្រួសារ   by Teb Lay Cambodia/2024/14min (Kavet language/Eng Sub) ដោឡៃ​​ ទីប កម្ពុជា/២០២៤/១៤នាទី/ភាសាកាវែត/អក្សរត់អង់គ្លេសរត់ពីក្រោម Story Naiy Beng is a 25-year-old indigenous Kavet resident of the La Mey village, Kok Lak commune, Vern Sai district, Ratanakiri province. She dropped out of school due to family problems and because her school was far away. Today, she works as […]